site+design process+problem+solution= ????

isnin ni (11august'08) aku n other studiomates kne sbmit our project yg tjuknye lebih kurang cm aku tulis kt atas tu..ape yg aku ckp skg, aku da blank, blurr xtaw nk uatpe.tmbah2 lg ngn xphm ngn ape yg mr burn nk. da le site besar gaban die bg.adoiyai. mne nk smpat. da le xphm. juz bg simple brief n xde crit session. taw2 isnin ni da nk tgk. ble slh uat or ade yg yg xkne, mule lah die ckp, "..en burn xphm la you'all ni.." kite sndiri xphm ape yg die nk mmg le. what i'm regret juz now n b4 dis pn is, he expects too much from us. some of us mybe can fulfill his expectations but how about others?? xkn la nk failkn cmtu jek. sbb tu la ape yg aku tegaskn kt cni, most of us needs guide not order. every monday n thursday, datang je klas dpt order. sy nk kamu uat cmni bla3. adoiyai. some of us mybe gifted but others not. i didnt deny dat what he wants from us is gud for us but we still need a guide. kepale aku cm nk pecah da dok pike. how, what, why n bla3. he told us b4 he wanted to experimental wit us n we realize dat. tp jgn la smpai too much. nnti ade la kuar istilah 'hasil experiment yg gagal'. omg. xnk aku cmtu. cm tikus putih lak. kalo test fail, mati katak cmtu jek. k ah, smpai cni jek bebelan aku.haha. to my studiomates, keep up a gud work n dont stop solving. haha. chow ~~~


a'kum n hye to everybody who has viewed my blog 4 da 1st time..this is my 1st blog n actly i still got no idea whut 2 do wit dis blog.haha. ble tgk mmber2 laen uat blog,.dorg more focus to 1 thngs such like 3d yg dorg uat, n ade jgk yg uat blog cm diari dorg.its gud n nice to view their blog. there's a lot of info n knowledge that we can share. but,.its different 4 me. i'm not focusing on 1 blog is universal. i.d, current issue, 3d, diari n so on. whenever i post any topics or images, i hope u guys will give me a feedback or comments. its bcoz, 4 me there's nobody perfect n somtimes we hav 2 rely to others so we can evaluate ourself to improve. life needs to improve. lebih2 lg dgn keadaan ekonomi semasa which need us to compete wit others. its not about winning or losing but its compulsary. if we were left behind, it could effect most part of our life. competition doesnt mean we hav 2 beat others but wht we hav 2 beat is ourself. i hope all u got wht i mean juz now. k ah, da xde idea nk tulis pe g.huhu. i wish gudluck 2 myself n all of u.may happiness will always be ours. hav fun..~~~